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US and South Korea perform military exercise

US and South Korea perform military exercise
There are totally 7,600 personnel from South Korea and the US participating in a landing exercise near the city of Pohang
The US and South Korean military have already held a joint military exercise on Monday near the city of Pohang.
There are totally 7,600 personnel from the two countries having participated in the landing exercise, including Marine and Navy forces.
Around thirty Naval vessels took part, including a 14,500-ton Dokdo-class amphibious assault ship from South Korea and the 41,000-ton USS BonHomme Richard and the 25,000-ton USS Green Bay from the American Navy.
This landing exercise was a part of the ongoing annual South Korea-US Foal Eagle joint exercises, in which North Korea has regularly criticised as a preparation for a northward invasion.
North Korea that it was willing to impose a temporary moratorium on its nuclear tests if Washington cancels the joint military drills with South Korea.
But the United States rejected the negotiations and calling it a potential threat
The Korean peninsula remains in a State of war because the Korean war in1950-1953 ended with an armistice rather than a peace treaty
About 28,500 American soldiers are deployed in South Korea as a deterrent against potential aggression from North Korea.
Update : 20-06-2015
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