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Tuesday, 02 June 2020
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MERS has been going to cool in recent day

MERS has been going to cool in recent day
Korea does not recognize any new cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in three consecutive days .
Today ( 30/6 ) , the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea announce that there is one more patient died due to Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus viral. The new deaths was a 81 year - old woman who had a history of previous illness . Thus , MERS death mortality was 18.1 % in South Korea with 33 deaths.
These deaths have been elderly and had a history of previous illness such as cancer , asthma , tuberculosis ... However , according to the Korean Ministry of Health , no more new cases of MERS in 3 consecutive days . People infected with this virus have remained at 182 cases.
From mid-June , the rate of new infections has decrease significantly. Number of people under quarantine for being suspected MERS has also declined from 2,682 to 2,638 people in this morning (30/06). MERS also called Middle East respiratory syndrome is an acute respiratory infection caused by a virus belonging to the coronavirus group.
Since the first case in September 2012 in Saudi Arabia, up to now, there are 1,306 cases, of which at least 447 died in 6 countries around the world including 4 countries in Asia: China, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand.
Most people infected with MERS have had acute respiratory symptoms with fever, cough, dyspnea.
Up to now, there have not yet had drug treatment and vaccine to prevent this disease. The leading medical experts in the world have not studied the medical treatment of this dangerous disease. The risk of dying of this disease is very high, up to 40%
The World Health Organization recommends that food hygiene safery should be observed. People should avoid drinking fresh camel milk, camel urine or eating undercooked camel meat.
Update : 01-07-2015
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